Cats and Dogs is a 2001 live action/animation film distributed by Warner Bros. Studios and directed by Lawrence Guterman. In this film, a Beagle becomes a spy to stop an evil cat from taking over the world.


Cats and Dogs poster


The Brody family live in a small house in the suburbs until when one day they get a pet. That day, a Beagle who originally lived with other beagles in a barn, wants to get out of the barn and get a life, until one day Mrs. Brody comes and adopts him. Later, she brings him to their house and name him Lou. However, Mrs. Brody's son, Scott Brody, is not exactly the pet for him at first. Mr. Brody is a scientist who was trying to cure dog diseases. Lou one day, meets a spy dog named Butch, who later shows him all the stuff on how an evil cat is taking over the world. Mr. Tinkles, who is the villain of the film who happens to be a cat, plans on getting rid of all dogs in the world and taking over the world. Butch later trains Lou to be a spy to defend himself when there is a cat. Eventually, one of Mr. Tinkles' minions wanders into the Brody house to get Lou, Lou eventually tries to defend him and attack the cat, they cause a big mess in the living room, but somehow clean it up when Mrs. Brody comes home. Mr. Tinkles later finds a christmas tree factory and tells all emplyees that they are fired. Lou rescues his family and try to stop Mr. Tinkles. Later, everyone except Lou and Butch escape the exploding building, then Scott wanders where Lou is and gets upset, then, Butch comes out pulling out Lou who is lying on rope and brings him to the Brody family. Butch says they did it and stopped them, but Lou does not respond. But Scott comes and says how Lou was his best friend, then Lou speaks to him in real words and reveals that he is okay.